The church is God’s family; a community of Jesus-followers who are called to bring good news and blessing to the communities where they live, work and play. We seek to live out this calling in many different ways.

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Following Jesus is a life-long pursuit for every day, not just Sundays. And we are not meant to do this on our own.

God knows we need partners for the journey, a community to help us along the way – and that’s why he invites us to be a part of his new family, the church.

As we ‘do life’ together with Jesus at the centre, working at meaningful relationships, encouraging one another, pressing through our differences and challenges, we are changed. By adopting Jesus’ lifestyle and putting his teachings into practice in every area of our lives, we are transformed to be more like him from the inside out.

Every single day there are many ways in which this community life is expressed in Hope Church. There are formal and informal groups that gather, some for a season, some for the longer term; teams of people using their gifts to serve in a wide variety of ways; social events and activities, and networks of relationships and friendships that criss-cross the

In a large church we can’t all do life with everyone, but we believe we can create a church where everyone has someone to do life with! Finding your connection is vital! We’d love to start a conversation with you about how you can connect!


for our city

We are a church of people with many different stories, and we want to ensure that everyone, no matter what they are facing, can find a safe place to be. Here are just a few of our many groups that gather during the week to support those who need it most.

Thursday • 6:00 pm

hope street cafe

This is one of the main ways connect with and care for people living on the margins of society. Providing conversation, hot food and drink.

Monday • 7:30 pm

all nations cafe

If you are new to the UK and want a safe space to make new friends, play games and activities, learn and practise english, come and join us!

Monday • 1:00 pm

warm welcome

This is a space for anyone who could do with a cup of tea and a chat. Join us for an informal gathering over tea/coffee and cake.

CAP Debt Centre

if you are feeling weighed down with debt, we're here to help.

In partnership Christians Against Poverty, we run free debt service and personal support right here at Hope Church. Whether you want to start your journey to becoming debt-free, or just want to know more about how you can manage your pennies better, we are here to help.

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Friday • 7:30 pm

hope students + young adults

We gather together every Friday evening during term time at 7:15pm. Our hope is to build a Christ-centred community through worship

community groups

groups that gather

Community groups are about building genuine, authentic relationships. We gather during the week to seek God

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There are so many ways you can get to know us. Whether it's a visit on a Sunday service, or connecting through one of our midweek groups, find the many ways you can get to know us better.