“To present everyone fully mature in Christ” (Col. 1:28)

Thrive@Hope is a new venture bringing together some things we are already doing, some new things and some things we are looking to develop.

Thrive@Hope exists to promote “spiritual health & well-being” for our whole church community.  We want you to Thrive@Hope!

We are developing a resource base of both trained people and material resources.

Right now our trained people can offer personal prayer and discipleship

In the near future we are looking to add training and also material resources, such as worship songlists, devotional material, recommended resources for small groups, training materials and web-based links to reliable podcasts or books.

Personal Prayer

You can access Personal Prayer at Hope

  • at our Sunday morning meetings, or
  • by booking an Individual Appointment for Prayer (iAP)

Sunday Morning Prayer

We want to build a culture where individuals feel unashamed and unselfconscious about coming to the front for prayer at our Sunday Morning Meetings.  You may be responding to what has happened during the meeting, just wanting some encouragement or more of God, or seeking prayer support for a specific situation. Whatever your need, we are very happy to stand with you and to pray God’s blessing on you, to listen for His heart for you, to pray for healing or provision and to strengthen and encourage you.  Simply make your way to the area in front of the stage when invited at the end of the meeting and one of our trained prayer team will join you there.

Individual Appointment for Prayer (iAP)

Sometimes, what we can offer at the end of a Sunday Morning meeting just isn’t long enough, or the appropriate place, to meet the deeper prayer needs we may have. We also know that we can sometimes get ‘stuck’ in our individual spiritual journeys and need a little help to ‘get free’ and move forward. iAP’s aim to meet this need by providing a planned, timed session (usually 2-3 hours) in a safe and confidential space.

What should I expect at an iAP?

iAP’s will normally take place at the MBC, unless otherwise arranged. All iAP’s involve the prayer seeker and two team members who facilitate the session. The aim is to provide a place of loving connection with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, where you can allow Him to uncover any strongholds in your life, bring healing to past wounds and replace lies with truth.  But don’t take our word for it – listen to some who have experienced it: click here.

How do I book an iAP?

You can request an iAP very simply by emailing the team: click here.


Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ is changing people in Hope Church! It is a proven and effective way to help you become a more fruitful disciple.

It involves 10 sessions (one a week over 10 weeks) and a ministry day where you can work through the Steps to Freedom in a safe and supportive environment.

We run Freedom in Christ 2 or 3 times each year, with occasional extra Steps Days to allow you to catch up (if you missed the day) or to repeat the day if you feel you need it.  Alternatively, we can arrange for individual appointments where you will be taken through the steps by an experienced member of the team and a prayer partner.

To enquire about dates or to book your place, please email: freedom@hopewinchester.org