At Hope Church Winchester we collect different types of information about our users for the following main reasons:

  1. To provide a useful resource in the form of an online directory of users.
  2. To provide an interactive web site where email is used to communicate with the users.
  3. To provide a security mechanism whereby we can restrict content to certain groups of users.
  4. To help us to improve the service we offer.


Our principles

We are absolutely committed to protecting your privacy. Our policy can be summarised in one sentence: we will not share your information with others without your consent. We will respect your email privacy. You will only receive email from Hope Church Winchester in relation to areas you have expressly signed up for.

Who will have access to your information?

You have control over who is able to access specific items of information. By default your personal information will be visible to other authenticated users of the site. You can change these settings from your personal profile page. Your information will be used to build the online address book.

What else you should know about privacy

Remember to close your browser when you have finished your user session. This is to ensure that others cannot access your personal information and correspondence if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place like a library or Internet cafe. You as an individual are responsible for the security of, and access to, your own computer.

Please be aware that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information over the Internet that this information can be collected and used by others. In short, if you post personal information in publicly accessible online forums, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your usernames and passwords and any account information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you are using the Internet.

Our pages may contain links to other websites, and you should be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices on other websites.

Data Protection Statement

Hope Church Winchester is a data controller in terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2016. Data collected and processed by the Church are covered by the notification provided by the Church under that legislation. Personal data are used solely in connection with Church related activities. The Church does not sell, share or transfer these personal data except as required by law. It uses up-to-date industry procedures to protect personal data against loss and unauthorised disclosure or access. Individuals have the right to access details that the Church holds and they may seek to have that information corrected, where appropriate. Data are retained for as long as the individual remains connected with the Church or otherwise as required by law.

Any Questions?

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