The Marriage Course is for any married couple who wants to build strong foundations for a healthy marriage that will last a lifetime.

It is a series of seven sessions designed to help any married couple strengthen their relationship and offers a great opportunity to spend time together as a couple looking at the important issues in your marriage.

The Marriage Course is very practical and will help equip you with the tools needed to build a healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Each week you are given the opportunity to enjoy a special meal together and listen to a talk. Then there is plenty of time to discuss the topic as a couple. There is no group work involved at any stage of the course.

About The Course

The Marriage Course is now being run in 28 countries. It was started by Nicky and Sila Lee in 1996 at Holy Trinity Brompton -the London church that started the Alpha course. They are the co-authors of The Marriage Book which has sold over 52,000 copies since it was published in 2000.

Who's It For?

It is for any couple who want to work together at and invest in their relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for less than two years or more than thirty, or if you are co-habiting.

If you have a strong marriage this course will help you make it even better and will reinforce your good habits.

If on the other hand your marriage is in difficulty, the course will help provide you with very practical tools to help you work through the issues. Some couples who are separated have used the course as a way of trying to get back together.

While the course is based on Christian principles couples are welcome with or without a church background. Many couples who are not churchgoers have enjoyed and benefited from doing the course.

What's Involved?

Dinner – each evening starts with a meal. Over a candlelit dinner there’s an opportunity to spend time together with other couples. Talk – each evening DVD presentation is shown, featuring Nicky and Sila Lee.

Coffee and discussion time – during the talk there are exercises for you to do together as a couple. Every effort is made to make sure your conversations aren’t being overheard and music is played in the background. During the longest exercise you are served coffee or tea and cake.

Homework – at the end of each session you will be given some homework to do together before the next session. It isn’t looked at by anyone else and is just for your own benefit to help you continue your discussion at home.

Talk Titles

• Building Strong Foundations
• The Art of Communication
• Resolving Conflict
• The Power of Forgiveness
• The Impact of Family
• Good Sex
• Love in Action

What The Couples Say

‘We had areas of conflict in our marriage…we were a couple of hotheads. The course gave us some really good tools and practical help mainly in the area of listening. We learnt how to listen to each other and just to reflect. We learnt to respond in a healthy way.’ I have to say doing the course has given us tools which have made things better, and it does work.

'We were like two people living in the same house leading separate lives. 'It really helped us to learn the tools for communicating. You think you know how to communicate but sometimes you just know how to talk. We were able to break through that surface level of communication and really share our lives together and get back the intimacy and closeness that makes marriage so wonderful. I can’t express the drastic turnaround this course has done for us.'

'I couldn’t recommend it enough. You arrive and they have dinner by candlelight ready for you. You work through real issues. You make real progress. It’s an important relationship and I think everyone should devote time to it.'

'We’d been at crossed purposes with each other and we needed to learn how to express love for the other person in the way that is most meaningful for them. It’s a process and you have to keep learning. I think we’re getting better at it and it’s made a big difference.

‘It is like a date night. They make you feel very special…you don’t have to share with anyone else. You have a sense of privacy which is important.'

“I wish I’d known this 10 years ago”

“We already had a good marriage, but now it’s even better”

“I think it’s one of the best marriage courses I’ve been on” - John Groves, Elder, Hope Church Winchester.

What Next?

For more information about the course, to register or for an informal chat, please contact us