Personal stories from iAP’s

  1. “I’d been having regular chats with someone in church, when she recommended that I have an iAP to help ‘unstuck’ a particular area in my life. I had no idea what to expect, but I was familiar with prayer ministry and Freedom in Christ. My iAP prayer partner assured me that it was an opportunity to have a focussed time to pray into a specific area and allow Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to gently work on my heart. And that is exactly what happened.

    During my iAP experience God clearly spoke to me and helped me get perspective on my situation and completely rewrite my story. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but God showed up mightily and it was a pivotal moment for me.My iAP prayer partner wisely recommended I take the days following my iAP easy. I definitely needed it, to process what happened and pray into what God revealed to me. I have not looked back since.

    The challenge I faced for many, many years was unstuck in an hour, but it took courage to trust God and allow the prayer partners to lead me. It wasn’t a forced or scary experience, on the contrary it was gentle, kind and full of mercy and love. I came away from my iAP with a deep knowing that God has always been there, protecting me and cheering me on.”

  2. “To be honest I had no idea what to expect from my IAP. In fact I thought it might be similar to my Freedom in Christ appointment with a dose of forgiveness thrown in !! How wrong I was !! The Holy Spirit impacted me significantly in such an unexpected way.

    During the appointment as I was encouraged to ask Jesus questions. He revealed deep hurts within me that I had been carrying for so long. These hurts had impacted the way I reacted to people and situations. Jesus tenderly intervened and remarkably restored me in quite an astonishing way.

    After the appointment I felt totally different as a huge weight had been lifted.

    I truly believe that the appointment (which was over 7 months ago) opened the door to continual spiritual and character change in my life.

    Since then, during my times with God, I have been in a place to hear Jesus lovingly address thought processes, anxieties and reactions that need to be changed.Motivated by Jesus’ love and with the help of the Holy Spirit I would honestly say I’m a different person to the lady that walked into her IAP 7 months ago!”

iAP’s (Individual Appointment for Prayer) are a part of the Thrive@Hope ministry