God loves you. In fact, he thinks you’re amazing. Why wouldn’t he? He made you in the first place!

The Bible says that He loves you so much that 2000 years ago he sent his precious son Jesus to die on a Roman Cross for you. God chose to punish Jesus so he could forgive you and so that through Jesus’ death you might be reconciled to him.

Here at Hope Church we aspire to be a church that loves people the way God loves us. Our desire is to help people, whatever their background and history, to love Jesus as well as sharing the good news about him in Winchester and beyond.

We do this by meeting together regularly, sometimes as groups in smaller, more intimate settings or on a Sunday morning altogether at the Middle Brook Centre. Wherever we are you can guarantee we’ll be praying, worshipping and hearing the word of God unpacked and applied to our lives.

You see, we believe church is like a body, it has many different parts. Some big, some small, some hidden, some prominent, however each part is crucial and connected.

Everyone is valued.

With such a diverse group of people, it’s not a surprise there’s a lot going on from men’s breakfasts to student events, to craft café’s to marriage courses. Have a look in the calendar on the task bar above or follow the links under ‘Church Life’ to find out more about our upcoming events. We hope to see you at an event sometime soon!