What Jesus Sees

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It wasn’t so long ago that 3-D films were just another crazy idea. Now we take them for granted!

Some of us still remember the shock the first time we put on 3-D glasses watching a film in the cinema. Suddenly everything was much closer and more real. If putting on 3-D glasses changes how we see things in the world of film then surely the impact of God’s Spirit dwelling inside us should revolutionise how we view the real world.

As our series on Proverbs, ‘Living Well’, comes to an end, July will see the start of our summer series, ‘Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief’. Here we will be looking at how Jesus relates to all sorts, especially the flotsam and jetsam of humanity. We will see that he was and still is “a friend of sinners”. As far as the religious were concerned he was always at the wrong sort of parties. The seeming paradox is that as far as Jesus was concerned it appears bad company didn’t always corrupt good character!

W-Events-Rich-Man-Poor-Man-sqJesus wasn’t in the slightest bit bothered by what people thought. He was able to see beyond the outward messiness of people’s lives into their aching heart. Jesus always chose friends wisely – in fact he calls all his followers, including people like us, his friends. The key is always making sure we are seeing people through Jesus’ spectacles. It can be a struggle seeing beyond the outward appearance, but over this summer let’s ask the Holy Spirit to help us see people as Jesus’ does. As we do we will find the Holy Spirit melts our hearts with compassion for them and will enable us to demonstrate the love of God by what we do and what we say. If we remain closely connected to him and his Spirit dwells in us, the life of God must flow through us to the world around us. Wherever we are, whether with our neighbours, work colleagues, family or people we meet on the street we are the aroma of Christ and make a difference whether we like it or not!