This week we are launching a four week series in our Community Groups called “Good Neighbours”, which will run through June and July. The aim is to encourage us all to be the best neighbours we can be, simply because God loves our neighbours as much as he loves us.

The series is inspired by an American book, ‘The Art of Neighbouring’. You don’t need to have read the book in order to join in, but we have purchased copies of the books to give to Community Group leaders.

Over the next four weeks we will be producing a weekly blog for the series on the church web-site. The blog will contain a short video, questions for discussion, and activities to help us put what we’re talking about into practice. Each week, Community Groups are being encouraged to watch the video together, and then use the questions and activities to help provoke discussion and prayer.

This summer gives us a great opportunity to get to know our neighbours better. The aim is that, through our weekly blog, we’ll all be encouraged to become more concerned about those who live around us as well as challenged and spurred on to take more opportunities to become good neighbours.

A reminder for Community Group Leaders:

1) In preparation for this Community Group series, if you haven’t got a copy already, please could you go to the front desk this morning and claim your free copy of ‘The Art of Neighbouring’? It will be up to you how much you read. It is only short and very simple, so please try and become familiar with some of it.

2) Make sure you or someone in your group arranges to have a device (iPad, pc or laptop) on which to watch the video etc. each week. You could make a short rota, to help you. You will need to remember to have the meeting somewhere where you have Wi-Fi access.