These are extraordinary days that we’re living in. We’re now nearly four months into lockdown, and only now is this lockdown starting to ease. We’re hearing news that two families can now meet together in one house, as long as they socially distance. I hope that you’re enjoying that; I hope that you’re enjoying spending time with family, friends and neighbours.

But maybe that’s the way forward, in terms of Hope Online. Maybe for Hope Online on a Sunday, you can gather with one other family and worship together. What a great thing to do that would be!

As a church, we are looking to open our building. We’re looking to be able to have small meetings and gatherings in the Middle Brook Centre, but we’re having to work through all the details and the implications of that.

The city is opening up. All sorts of businesses are starting to re-open. I’m involved with Street Pastors; Street Pastors are back on the streets in the nights, the night-time economy of Winchester, which is great.

But in terms of church, gathering together on a Sunday at our Hope Central and Hope North sites, we are not going to be doing that before September at the earliest. But we are so looking forward to being back together – and it won’t be long!

With much love and grace,

Steve Chick