Steve-ChickGod loves to spend time with us. It’s one of the great Bible themes running from the beginning in the Garden of Eden to the end of Revelation.

He loves relationship because this is who he is as Father, Son and Spirit. He is in relationship and he calls us also to be in relationship with him. We were made for relationship.

Jesus was always in and amongst people. Those that gave time to be with him found themselves energised – with even cool hearts being strangely warmed as they listened to him.

Yet isn’t it ironic that often we are just too busy or just ‘don’t have time’? In our busyness we all too easily miss out on the opportunity to simply be in the presence of the author and sustainer of life.

Just think about Jesus’ encounter with Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42). Martha was busy doing a good thing for Jesus. Yet underneath the veneer of her capability she was worried and upset by many things. Sadly, in her busyness she let a good thing become the only thing and so missed out on the one thing that was really important – resting in Jesus’ presence.

There are many good things to do and enjoy in life. Time off with family and friends is very precious and important. But over the summer let’s make sure we spend time with the only one who can truly restore our soul.

Let’s make time to rest in his presence. Let’s draw near to him knowing he will draw near to us. Let’s allow him to renew our strength and restore our souls over these summer months so that we are energised to run and not grow weary!

Much grace,