I love a good story, especially a true-life story about who Jesus is and what He is doing; a gift of money someone receives at just the right time, a headache disappearing after prayer, pain going from a 9 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10 after being prayed for, a cancer tumour becoming like jelly, someone experiencing the love of their daddy God, getting freed up from performance, someone working through forgiveness, pain, disappointment…

•  It stirs me to worship God. It show me the character of God, what He is like, who He is and knowing He is healer, provider, freedom-bringer- it stirs my heart to worship Him.
•  It reminds me that God can do it again, and faith rises in me. He can do the same thing in my circumstance, or in a friend’s circumstances.
•  It encourages me to celebrate the breakthrough of others, which is so good to do, especially when it’s something I’m longing for too.
•  It creates an atmosphere where HE can do it again.

The Bible says that “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” As we tell testimonies, true-life stories about who Jesus is and what He is doing, we help to create an atmosphere where He does it again; it encourages us, stirs our faith, and shows us what God is like. The Psalms in the Bible are full of times where they recount and remember the faithfulness of God, and so should we.

Have a read of these stories… what does it do to your heart? Celebrate with these people, worship God, let faith rise up that God can do it again.

Here are some stories from last summer at Newday, a youth camp:

“I had a really bad stomach pain for 2 or 3 days and it had got to the stage where I couldn’t stand up without it hurting. As we were walking down to the meeting a friend prayed with me- first time nothing happened, 2nd time a little better, 3rd time it was completely gone.” Jess
“I had really bad pains behind my eyes and a headache for a few days. I had literally just taken 2 painkillers when Ang prayed for me 3 times for it to go- first time it was still the same, 2nd time a little better, 3rd time it completely went! I was amazed!” Lacie
“I had 2 operations on my knees, the most recent one being at the end of May. At Newday I was off crutches but still getting quite a bit of pain. In one of the meetings I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes without pain, and then I was prayed for and I was able to run and had no pain since! I had an examination a couple of weeks after and they said there was no need for me to come back because both my legs were completely fine and I could go back to everything I did before.” Barney

Wow! Isn’t God AMAMZING! He is always working, always moving and always doing something in our lives: answers to prayer, testimonies of healing, breakthrough, provision, etc. What God stories have you got to share? Let’s get in the habit of sharing them with people around us. Write down your God stories too- it’s so good to remember what God has done and is doing, and encourages us to be thankful.

We would love to hear about the things that God is doing: Do email us at office@winfam.org and let us know.

If you would like prayer for any situation in your life please find the prayer team after the Sunday morning meeting or email intercessors@winfam.org, as we would love to pray for you.