Steve-ChickWe all occasionally dwell on ‘the good old days,’ but often they actually were not quite as good as we remember. Perhaps they are more a testament to our selective memories!

Too often my gaze is backwards, but God is always doing new things. He can’t help it – He is the Creator. My challenge, indeed all our challenge, is to see what he is doing because at the beginning it isn’t always obvious.

Have you noticed in the last few months God seems to have been enabling us to develop all sorts of connections with new people and groups in the community around us. Some are through groups and projects we are running, others are completely unexpected. There is a growing sense of momentum in parts of church life, the Ark and Alpha to name just two.

Yet as we catch a glimpse of what God is doing it is not the time to sit back and be passive. Rather let’s be looking for creative ways of helping people experience God’s love for them.

When there is a sense God is starting to pour out his blessing on his people, the church; when we perceive the moving of God’s Spirit, which may only seem like the rustling of leaves on the top of the trees, C H Spurgeon says

“We ought then to be doubly prayerful, doubly earnest, wrestling more at the throne than we have been won’t to do. Action should then be prompt and vigorous. The tides is flowing let us pull manfully for the shore.”

Let’s not miss what God is doing.

Much grace,