We are coming into an important season for us as a church which will culminate in us changing our name to Hope Church Winchester at the beginning of October. At our last Family Meeting I took the opportunity to share about what ‘replanting the church in the heart of the city’ looks like.

As we continue to build the church we need to keep our core values in the forefront of our minds: creating culture, building community and communicating good news. If we do this it will ensure we build well on the foundation that has already been laid. Creating the right culture for the church to flourish in is an ongoing process. Being Jesus-centred, grace-filled and a worshipping people of word and spirit should permeate everything we do. Whenever people interface with the church they should encounter it. Building community in the church, city and further beyond is counter-cultural but we want to see community with our culture established at every level. Communicating the good news about Jesus is our on-going challenge and we want to do this at every opportunity through what we say and through what we do.

“Our desire is to build a grace-filled community of Jesus’ followers bringing good news to Winchester and beyond…”