In Acts when Peter is in prison Jesus sends an angel to unlock the gates and free him. Peter does nothing, God just opens the doors. Peter then immediately finds the other disciples but has to keep knocking on the door before being let in. This is a picture of prayer.

Sometimes Jesus opens doors and we have to do nothing. Sometimes he opens doors quickly in response to us praying and sometimes we have to be persistent in prayer.

On Sunday mornings through the autumn we will be looking at the book of ‘Revelation’. One of the images of Jesus in Revelation is of him holding a key and saying doors he closes cannot be opened and doors he opens cannot be closed.

This September our Prayer Week focus is to keep knocking on heaven’s door until God answers our prayers to see an increase in:

  • the lost being saved
  • the presence of God amongst us
  • the sick being healed
  • the needy being cared for
  • us loving God more
  • us loving our neighbour as ourselves
  • us becoming more Christ-like
  • the church growing
  • the city being impacted
  • the nation and nations being reached

Let’s join together and pray whether corporately, on our own or by signing up for our 24-7 prayer slots.

Prayer Week Dates September 2015

Sunday 6th September // All @7pm
Tuesday 8th September // Men @7.45pm
Wednesday 9th September // Women @7.45pm
Friday 11th September // All @6am
Sunday 13th September // Brook Street Kids @10am
Monday 14th September // Monday Group @10:30am