A boy was walking along the beach on a windy day when the tide had gone out.

As he paddled in the shallow water he began to see hundreds on starfish a few yards from the water’s edge. Realising that they were struggling for the water, he became concerned. The tide was still going further out and there was no way the starfish would survive the many hours outside of their natural environment.

As the boy looked further up the beach he realised that there were literally thousands of the strange looking creatures as far as the eye could see, all stranded on the sand. In desperation he began picking them up, one by one, and threw them like tiny Frisbees back into the sea. As he continued his mercy mission and old man came alongside him and began to question him. “What on earth are you doing young man?” he asked “Don’t you realise that this beach goes on for miles you have no chance of rescuing them all, you’re wasting your time” The boy looked at the man and held up one of the starfish in his hands and replied “Maybe I can’t rescue them all but I can save this one” with that he launched the starfish into the air and it landed in the safety of the water. “I will stay here as long as I can and save the ones I can and if you help me we can save twice as many. The man shook his head and walked away, leaving the young boy to work alone.

Alpha-Course-Autumn-2015-portfolio1The boy realised that it was the ones and twos that were worth the effort of saving, the old man could not see past the size of the task and walked away.

Alpha starts on Tuesday 6th October and is a fantastic opportunity for us to invite the ones and twos from the groups of people we interact with at home and work. As you’ve heard me say before please don’t invite them but bring them! It will be a lot of fun, totally non-threatening and potentially life-changing.

Steve Lee