No Tax On My Inheritance

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Last Christmas, my family and I took a holiday back home to South Africa.

The holiday was a touch bittersweet however, as we were there to attend my father in law’s funeral. Tertius was a Godly man and he always made me feel welcome and part of the family.

One sunny afternoon, my sister in law and I sat on the patio and shared our stories of how we met our husbands, the de Kock brothers. I soon realised what an incredible inheritance we had both received marrying into this family. The de Kock’s have been generational Christians, walking with God and passing on biblical truths to their children’s children. This rich inheritance of Godly living was mine and my children’s, not because of me or what I’ve done, but simply because I married Marcus.

This is only an earthly picture of the true inheritance we receive in Christ. Though we were sinners, Jesus, the Son of God, stepped down from heaven, became a man and sacrificed his life so that we might inherit the Kingdom of God.

I was a nobody, but now I am a daughter, heir to a generous inheritance with no debt to pay.

– Elbrie de Kock