From Monday 28th July to Sunday 3rd August, you would have not wanted to be near Norfolk Showgrounds…

7000 young people from around the UK and overseas descended there for a week of much laughter, fun, games, fancy dress, ‘kotching’ (apparently the new word for relaxing…), seminars and incredibly loud worship all in the name of getting to know their Heavenly Father better. Actually I retract my first sentence, you definitely should have been there to witness the incredible way in which our young people loved each other, hungered to learn more about God and strived to have more gifts of the Spirit. In short, we had…75 WinFam youth attend, 3 first time commitments, 10 re-commitments, 5 healings and many youth stepping out in the prophetic.

Here’s what some of them had to say about their experiences of the week…

“At an evening service they were praying for healing. I prayed for my knees and they buzzed and I was healed! I felt a great presence of God.” Jordan

“I felt a real conviction from God on Friday night and have made the decision to get baptized.” Jess

“I just felt the reality of God’s love, grace and peace upon me on Friday night and that he loves everybody including me and I felt really encouraged.” Andrew

“At a seminar they encouraged us to prophecy over each other. A random lady came up to me and I prayed for her and had a picture of a slide and felt God was saying that she needed to step out and go down the slide despite anything else. Afterwards she told me she had a fear of slides! Woop!” Jemimah

“On Monday evening PJ Smyth was speaking. I was called to go to India, specifically Mumbai, and help with the orphaned children there.” Aimee

It was an extraordinary week, culminating in the youth exceeding the target set for the offering and raising £140,000, over 3x more than last year’s NewDay offering!! It was certainly the highlight of my summer, despite the lack of sleep and risk of pranking…

Kirsty Read – Youth Worker