Steve-ChickThat’s impossible! How did that happen? I don’t believe it! A chance in a million!

All phrases that too easily fall from our lips as we read of an incredible escape from disaster, witness an amazing goal on TV or hear of someone winning the lottery. I never cease to be amazed at how excited we can get over something we’ll have likely forgotten in a fortnight, yet how blasé we can be about something that is of eternal magnitude.

Easter is almost upon us again and for many, it probably means little more than a few days off and chocolate eggs. But as Christ followers it means everything; for at Easter, we take time to reflect on the glory and wonder that is Jesus’ death and resurrection.

I’ve been going through the gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection recently and have once again been amazed at its completeness. All the seemingly random threads of the Old Testament are drawn together in Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection three days later. All of what the church is and is yet to be, springs from these two pivotal moments. Yet it is not the cross or the empty tomb we are worshipping, but Jesus; for through these moments He has brought an end to sin and raised us up into new life with Him.

As a church our desire is build a grace-filled community of Jesus followers bringing good news to Winchester and beyond. Easter reminds us that in order to do this, we must keep Jesus at the centre of who we are and all we do. Is it possible that we can genuinely bring hope to our community and see it transformed? The answer to that question echoes from an empty tomb, two thousand years ago…

Someone once said, “Jesus came through a womb marked ‘No Entry’ and left through a tomb marked ‘No Exit!’” Surely then nothing is impossible for God!

Much grace