Steve-ChickAs I was at home writing this article Annie was in bed recovering from a minor operation. My main responsibility was simple, to look after her.

Funnily enough it did not quite go as I’d expected. On the evening after the operation she was in bed sleeping off the effects of the anaesthetic, or so I thought until my phone rang with a request for room service.

“Two slices of toast and a cup of tea please!” She thought it was very funny until she found the laughing hurt!

Serving those around us can be costly and challenging but is so worth it.

Many at Hope Church already put huge amounts of energy into serving people of all ages and backgrounds, both in and around the city. This invariably involves getting our hands dirty and costs time and effort.

There is also a financial cost to serving others. On Sunday 5th June we will be having a gift day principally to support and develop our ongoing work amongst the poor as well as helping children who are in need. This is a great opportunity for us to be generous.

Serving challenges us, is often inconvenient and can be tiring. Yet it brings a joy and fulfilment as we have the privilege of demonstrating God’s great love to a needy world. I love hearing stories of people’s lives positively impacted by the church. It reminds me of the value of what we do and brings a joy that I wouldn’t miss for the world.

Jesus’ promise to a church in the book of Revelation has been resonating with me in recent weeks.

“See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut” Revelation 3:8

God has placed an open door of serving the city in front of us as a church. The door is open but the choice to walk through is ours. Let’s follow Jesus, who came to serve not to be served. There is great fulfilment and joy to be found as we put others first.

Much grace,