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Steve-ChickAs Jesus walked amongst us he demonstrated a whole new way of living. He taught us to love God. He taught us to forgive, to be thankful, joyful, kind and generous…

He inspired us to look outwards and to love our neighbours whoever they are. We want to follow his example. By loving people unconditionally, the way God loves us, we demonstrate they are of infinite value. God is all about people. The Gospel always provokes us to make space so more people can be impacted by Jesus’ message of hope.

This message is for everyone… all ages… from all sorts of backgrounds… for all who God will call! It’s why we are called HOPE Church.

In recent years we’ve seen God-given momentum as we’ve become more fruitful across many areas of church life. We are grateful to God for growth and are enjoying the practical challenge this brings, however we anticipate space on Sunday mornings to be a real issue as we move forward which has prompted us to consider how we should respond.

Please make sure you pick up a copy of our Hope Church North-Site ‘The Story So Far’ to find out more about our plans or CLICK TO READ ONLINE.

“Our desire is to build a grace-filled community of Jesus followers bringing good news to Winchester & beyond…”

Much grace,