As we decide to live our lives for Jesus, we embark on a journey with Him.

In our new video, Hannah gives us an insight into her journey of how she overcame anxiety with Jesus:

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Hi there, I’m Hannah and I’d like to tell you my story of how I’ve overcome fear and anxiety in my life.

In Year 10 I was in a graduation ceremony in a big church when all of a sudden I felt really claustrophobic. I jumped up, ran outside and fainted. The hospital thought maybe it was epilepsy, but after talking with my mum we realized I’d had a panic attack.

Things calmed down a bit during sixth form, but as I got to University I began developing really irrational anxiety about people. I became really fearful of what people thought of me and I panicked in social situations.

I decided to meet up with a woman from church to help me go through the Freedom In Christ course, which would help me find verses in the Bible I could conquer the fear through. The course helped clear some of my anxiety, but most importantly, it showed me that the only way we get out of our mess is by drawing close to Jesus.

I still get anxious sometimes, but it’s not as bad as it once was and I know Jesus will continue to help me through it.