Recently we had the privilege of having with us Wendy Mann and a team of people from the Kings Arms Church in Bedford.

They spent some time with various leaders in the church on Friday night as well as leading the Ladies Day on Saturday. It was great to have them with us. Those who were there will have appreciated the prophetic gift they carry. There were lots of prophetic words for individuals over the two days which is very exciting and leaves us with the responsibility to weigh up what has been shared. So here are some things to remember…

1. Be open to the prophetic – God does speak today!

2. We can all prophesy, but we aren’t all prophets.

3. No one is infallible, as Paul says “we prophesy in part…”

4. It’s your responsibility to weigh up a prophetic word you get!

5. Prophecy involves a revelation, an interpretation and an application. The person who brings the prophecy often doesn’t have the wisdom for interpretation and application. Others may need to be involved for that…

6. Timing is an important part of the application of prophecy. God’s timing is often not our timing!

7. Does it make sense?

8. Does it line up with what the Bible says?

9. Is it being confirmed in other ways?

10. What do experienced and trusted leaders think?

11. Does it resonate with your own heart?

12. A major directional prophecy should never be acted on without several other reinforcing factors e.g. other confirming prophetic words; providential circumstances; wise pastoral advice etc…

13. If you (and others) feel like the word is right for you, then what steps can you take eg, if encouraged to preach – start studying and preparing some preaches; if encouraged to lead – get alongside other leaders and work on the character qualities required of a leader; if to worship – worship when you’re at home on your own…