If you could ask God one thing what would it be?

I’m sure we’d all have at least one question to ask him, if not several! In this video, one of our elders, John Groves looks at the question ‘God, why is there so much suffering?’

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If God is all powerful, and He’s good and He’s just, why is there so much suffering in the world?

When we ask the question ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ we might not be able to answer what it is, but we can say what it is not. It is not that God doesn’t care, or that He’s a cruel, callous sadist.We know this because God Himself suffers.

That’s the greatest mystery of all, the creator suffers and it’s not just empathy, it’s not just at a distance, God suffered Himself when Jesus came to Earth.

Jesus was God become man and all throughout his life, He experienced ordinary pressures and suffering. Jesus experienced people’s anger and misunderstanding, their hatred; He experienced pain, loss and friendships broken, but beyond that he experienced the torture and agony of a Roman Crucifixion. The Bible says that through Jesus’ death on the Cross, God brought an answer to sin, evil and suffering. He bore our griefs and our sorrows; He broke the hold of these things in our lives.

Through Jesus’ death on the Cross we are shown that even God himself couldn’t set us free without suffering.