You may have heard me recounting the story of how my wife, Annie, got lost driving to north London to visit her sister.

A simple journey went badly wrong when she turned left instead of right off the M25. By the time she realised she was on her way towards Oxford; she was well and truly lost. After pulling off the motorway and finding a pub car park, she asked a van driver how to get to Islington. His answer; “Follow me”. Whilst it may not have been the wisest move, Annie’s ‘white van angel’ led her to Islington and drove right past her sister’s house before disappearing round the corner!

At times all of us can find ourselves going in the wrong direction and can feel lost, yet Jesus’ invitation to us is the same as it was to Matthew the tax collector; “Follow me”. Matthew’s simple, positive response became the pivotal moment in his life and subsequently everything changed for the better. In today’s busy world this might seem much more complicated for us than it did for Jesus’ first disciples, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Over the next six months we will be digging into what it means to follow Jesus. Each evening we will be taking a key aspect of being a disciple of Jesus and unpacking what this looks like in the world we live in. The evenings will have a strong practical element, helping us to apply the gospel in every area of our lives whether old, young, single, married, a student or working.

So come join us at our monthly Wednesday nights of ‘Following Jesus’ starting on 16th September, 7.45pm to 9.30pm, and be inspired to be better followers of Jesus in today’s world.

As Phil Moore said at Westpoint 2014, “I am asking you to follow me as I follow Jesus – will you do that?”

Much grace
Steve Chick