Steve-ChickThis sound bite summarises Jesus’ first miracle in the Gospels when he changed water to wine. It has also been my experience of the Christian life as I have followed Jesus through the ups and downs of the last three decades.

Over the years God has made similar promises to this church many times and in all sorts of ways: ‘You will double and double again’; ‘A river of blessing will river flow out from the Middle Brook Centre down to the west and south, bringing life’; ‘Get ready there is going to be an out pouring of God’s glory in Winchester and Kings Worthy’; ‘Many signs of new life will start emerging in the near future.’ God has spoken. We have heard his voice. Now is the time for us to take a step of faith.

This is why Hope Church is going multi-site in March. It means we will remain one church with two Sunday venues. The reason is all to do with making room for more people to be able to encounter the grace of God among us.

Moving to two staggered Sunday morning meetings, at what will become Hope North and Hope Central, will be challenging and exciting at the same time. As Malcolm Kayes recently reminded us, to make this work everyone will need to serve like Jesus. This change will impact us all but it also means we all have a part to play.

So as we look forward to the launch on Sunday 3rd March let’s all be ready to play our part and remember the best is yet to come!

Much grace,