Believing For Breakthrough

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Steve-ChickI love reading and hearing of God doing amazing things amongst his people.

It stirs my faith and expectancy for what he is yet to do and all that he has promised.

Our Sunday in March with guest speaker Angela Kemm was a significant morning for us. The response at the end of the meeting was overwhelming, with the vast majority of people coming to the front as a sign that they wanted God to move amongst us in a new way. Angela invited me to ‘commission’ the church into a new season of breakthrough and to share what was on my heart.

I was deeply moved as I looked at people crowding towards the front. The truth is over the years I have longed to see God break into the life of the church and have dreamed of seeing days like this.

Before I came to Winchester, I received a number of prophetic words. One was that I would stand on the stage at the MBC and see hundreds of people responding. Another was that I would see significant breakthrough.

Hearing about what God is doing in other places is so good, yet my hearts cry is ‘Father, do something significant here!’ I dream of seeing people coming to faith in Christ and being set free from the things that hold them in bondage. He is the only one who can bring about this sort of breakthrough, yet each one of us has a part to play too.

I want to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and to love those who God has placed around me. It’s not in my strength but in his and by his grace working in me day by day. So what about you? What’s in your heart? What has God said to you?

As we step into this new season of fruitfulness let’s take up Jesus’ challenge to be fishers of men. Let’s follow his example and be filled with his Holy Spirit. Let’s move forward with courage and expectancy believing him for breakthrough in our lives, church, city and beyond.

Much grace,