Steve-ChickI don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to all that the autumn holds for us.

We have seen God do some remarkable things in the last year which has stirred my faith for what lies ahead.

Just over a year ago when we were about to sign the contract for the final stage of major building works at the MBC it looked like we would need around £175,000 that we didn’t have in the bank. Today the works are virtually complete and we’ve needed no bank or interest free loans or building offering. Praise God!

Sunday by Sunday we have been seeing new visitors from a diversity of backgrounds gather to worship. There is a great sense of the grace of God amongst us. May the culture of the church continue to change for the better!

There is a growing sense of vibrant community amongst us. Some Sundays, I just stand back and enjoy watching the church in action. May we always be a welcoming home for all. Nowhere was this sense of community more evident than at Westpoint. For those of us able to be there, it was a great time to be together and be part of the Commission family of churches.

Our last few Alpha Courses have seen a growing momentum. Many of the guests have come from projects and ministries that we are now running, like CAP and The Ark. It is great to be able to communicate what God has done for us!

I was praying recently and had a moment when I wondered if I was daydreaming! I could see a station with a train about to leave. On the far platform there was a carriage going in the opposite direction taking some people further away. Before I had time to be perplexed, I heard a voice say, ‘It’s alright it’s a turntable moment!’ God impressed on me that, just as stations have turntables to re-orientate carriages, this is a time for people to make a change to connect up to what God is doing amongst us. In this next season we’re looking for many to put their trust in Jesus, many to connect with us as Hope Church and others, who have been disconnected, to re-engage.

Much grace,