campersmIf you are like me and love ‘The Lord of the Rings’ films you can all too easily get drawn into a make believe world. However last summer, Annie and I had the opportunity to experience first-hand what it would be like to live in the world of a Hobbit!

We tried to hire a caravan, but because none were available we were offered a camper van which we were told would ‘make the weekend an experience’. Little did we know we would be entering Tolkein’s Middle Earth.

Though the van had all mod cons, including a rock and roller bed, what quickly became apparent was that you had to be a Hobbit to actually live in it. It was impossible for even a short Welshman to stand up inside and Annie had to cook on her knees, which was all very funny for those watching on in their ‘grown up’ vehicles.

Of course it all added to the fun of being together over the Bank Holiday weekend. 2014 proved to be great Westpoint and the sense of community amongst us was worth the inconvenience of living in a Hobbit-sized campervan.

Westpoint 2015 promises to be another memorable event. Packed with fantastic worship, great guest speakers including Andrew Wilson, Sam Alberry (author of ‘Is God anti-gay?’) and Dave Smith (leader of KingsGate Community Church in Peterborough), really good youth work (for those who are up for camping again post-Newday) and as always brilliant children’s work.

Best of all, though, is being together as Hope Church. Our church marquee will be a home away from home – especially if it means I can stand up straight without banging my head!

If you haven’t already booked in why don’t you come and join us at this year’s Westpoint? Let me encourage you to come along and have fun with us – I have every confidence you will encounter God.

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