Sunday Mornings

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God loves to meet with us when we gather together, so Sunday morning meetings are always exciting times!

From 10am, for around an hour and a half, there’s a mixture of worship, relevant preaching and time to catch-up with friends at the end.

Worship is an important part of our meetings, it helps us to fix our eyes on God and ready our hearts for what he has to say to us. Our worship times are dynamic – sometimes lively as we celebrate what God has done for us, other times quieter as we stand in awe of God. Whilst our worship times are led from the front we make space for people to participate in a way that encourages everyone else in their worship.

At Hope Church we believe the Bible is one of the many ways God speaks to us today. Those who preach are passionate about helping us apply it to our everyday lives.

Children up to Year 6 have their own exciting programme that runs alongside the main meeting. If you’d like your children to join in, please make sure you speak to one of our Welcome Team.

At the end of the meeting we’ll be having teas and coffees. We would love to meet you so please do come and visit us at one of our Connect Points.